Fuji x-pro1 + VSCO + $13300

x-pro1 vsco3 px680-- 35mm

trying to get all my ducks in a row

Not really a math problem, more like a statement. The $13300 (Canadian, before taxes) is the difference in price between the Fuji x-pro1 with 35mm lens and VSCO film pack 3  and the Leica M monochrome with 50/2 lens. Now keep in mind I have never held, or even seen a Leica monochrome in person. I am just a guy who loves black and white photography. Now I am sure it is a wonderful camera that takes tremendous photos. With that said , what I have done is worked for a living. I know the value of $13300, and no matter how hard I try, I just cannot fathom spending that much on a camera that has so small, if any, real world advantage. I just don’t get it?

can the M really be better than this?

can the M really be better than this?

I have never really cared what name was on my camera. I just want something that feels right in my hands. Something that makes me feel as if I am one with the camera. I like a certain look with my images, a rendering not all camera provide. This was the main reason I chose the x-pro1 in the first place, and the x100 before it for that matter. The Fuji’s have that look I am after.

$13300 will be better spent on his education

$13300 will be better spent on his education

The Leica’s do as well, but at a much steeper price and without AF. Call me a blasphemist  if you must, but I want AF, it is 2013 after all. Add in VSCO presets and I am in my glory. Its not a look for everyone, but I like it, and in the end that is all that matters.

the AF may not be DSLR fast, but its far more accurate

the AF may not be DSLR fast, but its far more accurate

All of the images were shot using the x-pro1 with 35/1.4 fujinon lens and processed with VSCO3 and lightroom 4. I used the PX680– film with added creamtone +  highlights. Most everything else was untouched. Camera setting were BW with red filter, DR100, highlights +1, shadows +2, NR -1, sharpness +1. I love it, sharp, contrasty,  full of depth, yet subtle in tone.

mmmmmmmmmmm good

mmmmmmmmmmm good

me, freezing at camp in mid June.......

me, freezing at camp in mid June…….

I could not be happier with my gear at the moment. After all that, if you’re still not convinced the Fuji is a better deal, then try a colour shot. Trust me the monochrome cant compete here 😉

who's the scared one here

who’s the scared one here

Thanks for looking, see you next time.

One thought on “Fuji x-pro1 + VSCO + $13300

  1. Lovely images! I just bought an X100T too, based on the same reasons you mention in this article. May ask which VSCO presets you used for the above images?

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