My name is Lyle Genyk and I am an avid photographer living in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

I have always been fascinated with photographs and their unique ability to draw me in, to make me ask questions, to convey a story in a single frame. Great photography inspires me, it ignites my passion, it in turn makes me want to shoot more, to learn more, to grow as a photographer.

This blog will follow my journey down that long, winding, photographic road. It will follow my personal projects, my desire to capture human emotion, and my obsession with the beauty that hides amongst the mundane. Keep in mind that I am not a great writer by any means, I am merely a rambler with a virtual soap box. I do however hope to provide some entertainment value, and the occasional entry that is actually worth reading. My goal is to use this blog as a journal, one that forces me to write, to think, and most of all, to take more photographs.

Although I am not a gear head, I am constantly asked about the equipment I use. So I figure this is as good a place as any to list what I shoot with. My current set up consists of three main cameras. The Fuji x-pro 1 is my go to when it really counts camera. The IQ, the handling, and quality of the files are second to none. Next is the Fuji x100. This is a great pocketable camera that I carry when I know I will need some fill flash. Its ability to sync at speeds as high as 1/4000 of second make it wonderful to use for creative flash work. Lastly is my Fuji x10. A small sensor pocket camera, with a good zoom range and wonderful IQ for a camera of this sensor size. Its my take with me when I really don’t have the room for a camera camera. Other than that I have a plethora of accessories too numerous to list.

So there you have it. I do plan on updating often, so check back frequently. I also welcome your thoughts and feedback, as I strongly believe the more constructive criticism we get as photographers the better we become.

Thanks for looking,

Lyle Genyk

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