The Kaza Deluxe x100T case review


We live in a throw away society. A culture of buy it, break it, junk it. Well made products which were once the norm, are now getting harder and harder to find. We as consumers, especially internet buyers, need to be extremely skeptical and wary of marketing claims. Every single click of the “BUY” button is almost immediately met with some varying degree of buyers remorse. Next is the agonizing wait for the product you purchased to arrive. Then comes that frantic moment as you open the box. Will it be what I wanted? Or……………………………….


When my new Kaza Deluxe handcrafted case for my x100T arrived I could hardly contain myself. As soon as I opened the box and caught a whiff of the real leather, I knew this was going to be one of those products that I tell everyone about. I admit openly that I am a bling junkie. I love a good looking, nicely pimped out product. From the second I slapped the case onto my x100T I was in bling heaven. I just stared at it in amazement. It was just so beautiful. The colour, the feel, the smell, the stitching, everything about it just screamed quality. It fit perfectly, all the cut outs lined up, it was snug but not tight, it really was all you could ask for. Some of the really nice features include a battery door cut out, so you don’t have to remove the case to change batteries. A tripod screw which both allows the use of a tripod without removing the case, and a means of securing the case to the camera. Another bonus is the cover fits with the hood on the camera, something the Fuji case does not. I did however have to remove my thumb grip and soft release to get it on.



I have owned a lot of cases in the past for a variety of different cameras. I had a Luigi Crescenzi (Leica time) case for my original x100. It was beautiful as well, though a lot bulkier, cost twice as much as the Kaza and just didnt fit as good. It was nicely padded, but in the end it made the camera a little too uncomfortable to use so I sold it. Same goes for the Angelo Pelle case I had for my xpro1. Though priced roughly the same as the Kaza, it too didn’t fit very well, and was extremely bulky. It was eventually sold as well. The Kaza case, is nicely padded but doesn’t add anywhere near the bulk the other two cases did. If anything it has made the camera much easier to hold.


My original plan was to only get a half case. However once I saw what Kaza was offering I changed my mind and went all in. You get the half case, the top cover, and what I will say is the best strap I have ever had all for $129 US dollars. As far as high end cases go it really is a tremendous deal.


In conclusion I can’t recommend this case enough. From the outstanding workmanship, to the gorgeous look, to the blue collar pricing you really cant go wrong. I bought mine directly from Kaza at 

If I missed anything you want to know about feel free to ask me a question in the comments section.



9 thoughts on “The Kaza Deluxe x100T case review

  1. Thanks for reviewing! You mentioned that you needed to take off the thumb rest and soft release to put the case on; however, do you need to take them off to able to put the full cover on? From what I can tell from Kaza’s site, the back part of the full case lays flat, which looks like it would not be able to accommodate the protruding thumbrest.

    • Yes that’s what I was referring to. I should have been more clear. With the thumb rest and soft release on, the top portion (full cover) does not fit. The bottom (half case) goes on and off fine with the thumb rest and study release in place.

      How this helps

      • It does — thank you for replying! Do you carry the thumb rest separately then? Kaza seems like the best option for me right now, but the thought of having to fiddle with the thumb rest / soft release all the time is off-putting.

  2. Yes that’s what I was referring to. I should have been more clear. With the thumb rest and soft release on, the top portion (full cover) does not fit. The bottom (half case) goes on and off fine with the thumb rest and study release in place.

    How this helps

  3. Hi Lyle,

    Awesome review and thanks for sharing) was searching one for the X100T 😉

    I’m going to get such a case and was wondering if the tripod screw was included with the case? Thanks)

    Best regards,

  4. Hi
    Do that only come in one colour shade? I love the colour of your but I have seen a lighter colour on their website.



  5. Since there are metal connectors in the strap, isn’t there an issue with scratching the camera when in a bag? Anyway, nice looking rig.

  6. Hi, great review! I have become a Fuji lover over the last few years, since getting my first – the X10. I had a Kaza-deluxe case for that one too. Now, I no longer have that great little camera, and I’m shooting with the X100T, and considering another Kaza for it.

    A couple of questions that you may be able to help with:

    1) Your pictures of the case are really nice. The leather on your X100T case seems to be darker and richer looking than what I remember on my X10. It also looks darker than what the Kaza-deluxe website shows. Is it an option to get that color, or is that a property of the lighting in your images? Or maybe something else?

    2) I like the little clips your photo shows for the strap. If I recall, those aren’t included from Kaza but look like they’d be very helpful to get the strap on/off in a pinch. Where could one purchase such clips?

    3) The loops/snaps on the sides of the half case are positioned slightly differently than for the X10 series, especially the one on the right side near the dials and shutter button. Do they interfere with shooting/controls on the X100T?

    4) I get the point re: the fit of the thumb grip and the full case. You also mention issues with the soft-release button. Does that really not fit either? I remember the full case being kind of a shell that goes around the half case and leaves lots of room for things like a lens hood and filter in the front.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide, realize you’re probably a busy guy!

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